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About B39

Dazzling yet sleek, B39 is an architectural gem that reflects the opulence of the Jazz Age and the technological progress of the modern era. In 1929, Dr. Pēteris Sniķers commissioned the most outstanding architect of his time, Eižens Laube, to design a multi-storey building on Brīvības Street – the central street of Riga. After several years of diligent work, in 1932 this rare example of functionalism and neo-eclectic architecture was completed, becoming the most modern building in the city.

From the centre of Riga, B39 takes you to the streets of New York and Chicago at the dawn of the 20th century, when the first skyscrapers rose above the cities. The large windows opening onto the city mark a new era of construction, giving unprecedented spatial and architectural freedom, while the classic decorations that enrich the laconic façade of B39 remind us of a time when buildings were shaped not only by bare function, but also by beauty.

B39 has a rich history that hides many fascinating pages from the life of 1930s Riga, whose residents were quick to grasp the latest currents from Western Europe and the United States. Despite the changing times, this building has always brought together the best of high society, outstanding artists and brilliant personalities.

B39 was a modern building when it was built, and it is still modern today. Without changing the structure of the building, SG Capital has managed to raise it to a new quality that meets today’s requirements for comfort and sustainability, and to obtain a BREEAM certificate.

Building and location

The seven stories of the building with a total area of 3009 m2 provide a well-framed canvas for countless possibilities. The open layout of B39, determined by its construction, gives an opportunity to easily adapt the building to the needs of its users. It is possible to create large open spaces and to freely place the necessary partitions without compromising the quality of the historic space. For the convenience of the building’s users, a passenger and a cargo elevator has also been built.

The large glazing of B39 lets a lot of daylight into the room, opening the building towards the city and allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery of the centre of Riga. The architectural flexibility and open nature of B39, as well as the building’s central location, make it an ideal place for modern offices, stylish shops or fine restaurants, while the upper floors of the building are also suitable for apartments.

Almost a century after its completion, B39 is still at the crossroads of city life. The Historic Centre of Riga has not lost its significance – it is the most prestigious district of the city and the main hub for business, leisure and culture.

B39 is located at the beginning of Riga’s main artery – Brīvības Street. From the beginning of the street at Freedom Monument, it leads through the whole city, providing an excellent connection with the rest of Riga. Although B39 is easily accessible by transport, it is likely that everything you need is just a short walk away. Near the building, there are several shopping centres, as well as exquisite boutiques and restaurants that will delight even those with the most discerning palette. Those in a hurry will appreciate the proximity of banks, hotels, as well as government and educational institutions.

The nearby Vērmanes Garden, Esplanade with the art museum and the green Boulevard Ring allow you to enjoy the beauty of Riga in all seasons, making for a pleasant walk to the National Theatre, Opera or the Quiet Centre of Riga – an Art Nouveau and embassy district. In the centre you will also find the widest range of leisure facilities. There are several cinemas as well as countless bars and other entertainment venues.


SG Capital Partners AIFP

The largest licensed real estate alternative investment fund manager in Latvia. The largest investors in the funds are the leading pension plans in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

B39 is owned by SG Capital Partners Fund I, a sustainable real estate investment trust.

The fund’s investment strategy envisages investing the fund’s resources to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of the acquired assets. Among other things, the fund has made significant investments in improvements in B39 as well.

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